Two signs that it's time to have your car serviced

There are several signs that can indicate that you need to book a car service appointment. Here are two such signs.

It's taking much longer to bring your car to a complete stop

If you have noticed a significant increase in the length of time it takes for your vehicle to come to a complete stop after you press the brake pedal, you should probably have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

The reason for this is as follows; increased stopping distances are usually a sign of one of two problems, both of which can be easily remedied by taking your car in for a servicing.

The first common cause of this issue is worn-out brake pads. If these pads completely wear out and you continue to drive your car, the other key components within the braking system (specifically, the rotors and the callipers) will soon start to abrade each other.

This abrasion-induced damage can then lead to it taking a lot longer for the brake system to become engaged after you put your foot on the brake pedal which can, in turn, increase your stopping distances. In this situation, your mechanic may need to replace the brake pads and then either repair or replace the other abraded components.

The second common cause of this particular problem is low tread depths on your car's tyres. As the treads of a tyre wear down, it becomes harder and harder for the tyre to maintain traction. This reduction in traction can lead to your car tyres continuing to glide over the road surface for several seconds after you have fully engaged the brake system.

If during the servicing process, the mechanic finds that your tread depths are too low, they may then arrange for you to have the affected tyres replaced.

Your road journeys are starting to feel a lot bumpier

If you have suddenly started to find that you can feel every little bump and rock on the road whilst driving your car, then it may be time to book your car servicing appointment.

The reason for this is as follows; 'bumpy' road journeys are often a sign that there is an issue with a vehicle's suspension system. For example, it may mean that your car's suspension springs have corroded or that the shock absorbers have worn out. Alternatively, the problem may be caused by broken suspension linkages.

Whatever the cause, this problem can almost always be fixed during a standard servicing appointment, as a typical car servicing will include a thorough inspection of a vehicle's entire suspension system. If any damaged components are discovered during this inspection, the mechanic will then usually replace them immediately (provided they have the parts in stock in their garage).

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