Are You Slowly Killing Your Car Battery with These 3 Habits?

Every car driver knows how important a battery is to the vehicle. If the battery is not working, there will be no current supply to the ignition system, and the engine won't start. What's worse, a battery can die when you least expect it to. Unfortunately, some seemingly harmful habits can shorten the life of the battery. So evaluate yourself and look out for the following practices which may be slowly squeezing the life out of your car battery.

You park in the sun

It's a hot summer afternoon, and you just rushed to the supermarket for a few things. You park your car out in the sun and pop into the shop, where you spend around thirty minutes shopping. You may not know how much damage the solar radiation can do to your car battery in this short amount of time. Excess heat causes the charging system in the car battery to malfunction or overcharge the battery. As a result, the battery begins to die a slow death, especially if exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. Ensure that you park in shade at all times, especially during the summer, to protect your battery from premature death.

You don't secure your battery

The car battery should be properly secured while in the vehicle to protect it from vibrations. When you hit potholes or drive on bumpy roads, your car experiences vibrations. If your battery is loose under the hood, it will be affected by these vibrations as well. Too much of them can sever the connections in the battery and charging system and cause battery failure. Check your battery regularly to ensure that it is adequately secured and protected from excess vibrations. You can also limit the number of times you go offroading if your vehicle is not designed to handle hard terrains.

You make short trips

Once the car uses up energy when starting the engine, the alternator recharges the battery when the vehicle is in motion. So if you usually make short trips, it means that the battery never gets adequate time to charge fully. This can take a toll on the system, especially during the winter when the battery has to withstand the low temperatures as well. As a result, the battery's lifespan may be dramatically reduced. So try to avoid regular short trips that don't allow the alternator to replace the used-up electrical energy.

Are you doing any of these things and unknowingly killing your car battery? If so, it is time to maintain your battery and extend its life. Don't hesitate to contact an expert if you experience problems with your vehicle.

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