Need a Crane for a New Job? What You Need to Consider

If you have a growing construction business, you may be faced with a challenging but nevertheless exciting project and wonder whether you have the capacity to take it on. You may have been used to working at relatively low levels, but one of these new projects involves a considerable amount of work at a height. To take this on, you need to consider hiring in some special equipment on a one-off basis and a key piece of this puzzle is going to be a crane. What additional steps do you need to take, so this is a successful, lucrative and most importantly safe adventure?

Drawing It up

As you well know, safety is the number one priority during any construction process and it is going to be magnified many times in this case. You will need to pay close attention to detail, especially as you are not used to this type of undertaking.

Exclusion Zone

Make sure that you have made adequate provision for the crane, so it has plenty of room to manoeuvre. If the equipment does not have the correct amount of clearance then the operator may end up losing control of the load. You must ensure that an exclusion zone is created and that there is no danger of the crane come into contact with any surrounding buildings.


You must always ensure that the crane is secure and can counter any adverse weather conditions, whether or not your job takes place in the height of summer. High winds can blow in at any time and you may need to introduce additional outriggers or other safety factors to ensure the crane is always stable.


If this job is long-term, you need to bring in inspectors from time to time to see if the crane is still structurally sound. Routine maintenance issues must be addressed immediately, so that there is no risk of failure when the crane is placed under load. At the same time, it's important that limits are respected and each task is addressed beforehand.

Experts Needed

When you rent a crane, always make sure that you bring in an operator who is trained to the highest standard and is very familiar with the specific equipment. Likewise, it's important to ensure that all the riggers are proficient, so the crane can be built and dismantled with care. Talk with your crane hire specialist to get hold of the complete package.

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