Transmission Faults That Need Professional Attention

Although some motorists will continue to drive on regardless of a transmission problem they have noticed in the hope that it will simply get better, there are a number of faults which should not be ignored. In such cases, not only will failing to seek out a mechanic who conducts gearbox repairs mean you end up with a lengthier job, but you could be driving in a way that means your car is unsafe. Acting early when you have detected a transmission problem with your car is always advisable. With the following gearbox faults, it is absolutely necessary to seek assistance at an early stage. Read on and take action if your car's transmission is suffering from any of the following issues.

Automatic Transmission Slips

Drivers of automatic cars sometimes think that their transmission system does not need attention even when it slips. This is not the case as it could be a sign of a potential serious failing. If your car slips or whines with high revs when you accelerate or brake, then it is the automatic transmission which is slipping. Another symptom is that your car may suddenly feel underpowered when driving at high speed which is not a great sensation. Take action before this happens when you are attempting to pull away in traffic rapidly!

Awkward Manual Gear Changes

When you find it harder and harder to get your car into your chosen gear, it often means that there is an emerging problem with the gearbox. Left unattended, these so-called 'rough shifts' will become worse and worse. You'll end up with a loud click when you put your car into gear which means the components of the gearbox are not correctly aligned. Without a mechanic realigning them for you there could easily be permanent damage that is caused to the internal workings of your gears which will result in a costly repair.

Leaking Gearbox Fluid

A tell-tale sign of a problem brewing with your gearbox is when you notice an oily residue on your driveway after your car has been parked for a while. Unlike the other oils in your car, gearbox fluid tends to be much darker or even reddish brown in some cases. If you see this more than once then the transmission system of your car may well have a systemic problem that requires attention. Don't wait for the oil lamp sensor to come on. If you take no action until your dashboard notifies you of a problem, then the situation may already be too costly to repair fully and you'll need a completely new gearbox.

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