Vehicle Repair and Maintenance: Three Essential Tips for Purchasing a Used Transmission

If you are on the market for a used transmission, you should check out the local auto parts recycler for suitable products. Used transmissions are beneficial for vehicle repairs because of the low cost of purchase. If your vehicle was in an accident and the transmission was damaged, you can purchase this component without breaking your bank. On the other hand, you should remember that used auto parts can be problematic if selected poorly. Therefore, here are practical tips to help you purchase the best use transmission for your needs.

Know the Specifications

You should check the specific details of your transmission before shopping for a replacement. If you do not know the specifications of the unit, you could purchase the wrong unit. As a result you could experience significant losses and inconveniences. You should check your vehicle identification number before beginning the shopping process. Also, you should have details on your engine size, drivetrain and the type of transmission. This information will help in avoiding complications related to an unsuitable transmission.

Inspect the Transmission

When you find a used transmission which matches your specification, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the component. It is important to ensure that the unit is in good condition for your long-term use. You should pay particular attention to possible leaks. If the transmission unit is leaking fluid, it will not perform as expected. If you have the right tools and knowhow, you can conduct repairs to prevent continued leaks. However, if you are not equipped to deal with the problem, you should look for an alternative in better condition. You should also check the general structure of the transmission for signs of damage.

Discuss the History

You should discuss the history of your favoured transmission after inspection and selection. It is crucial to ensure that the unit was not involved in a major accident or incident which might have compromised the internal system. You should remember that inspecting the internal parts will be difficult without complete disassembly. Therefore, you can only rely on the history of the vehicle before making the final decision. If the vehicle experienced major damage due to issues such as engine fire or flooding, you should look for a safer alternative. Damage caused by burning and water will cause the transmission to fail prematurely.

Finally, you should inquire about the availability of rebuilt or remanufactured transmissions from your auto parts recycler. These units are used, but their condition is often excellent due to intensive repairs.

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