Why New Car Services Are So Important

Buying a new car can be a very exciting time, especially if it is the first car you have ever owned. Whether it is a birthday gift from your parents or just a reward from yourself, nothing beats that new car smell when out on the road. However, buying a new car comes with a lot more responsibility than you might think, and that starts with car services. It is vitally important that you keep up with your recommended car service plan, even though your car is brand new and likely won't have any issues. Here are three reasons why a car service is still so important for new cars.

Missing Services Could Void the Warranty

One of the best benefits of a new car is the long warranties that many companies give you with them. These companies back their products for years because they know they will have regular servicing done to them, which keeps them running smoothly. They will often give you a service appointment list that tells you exactly when you are required to get your car service done. If you miss these dates, then your warranty can be torn up and you can be left with few options if your car actually does break down within that warranty period.


While you are probably not thinking about it now, eventually most people will want to sell their car and upgrade to a new or improved model. At that time you can sell or trade-in your car to get a better deal, but you won't get much if you have missed scheduled car services. Dealers value the service history of a car almost above all other notes and details because a properly serviced car is far less likely to have huge mechanical issues waiting under the hood. This fear of the unknown is why well-serviced cars always fetch more on the secondary market.

Catch Factory Faults

While it doesn't often happen, occasionally new cars have faults that need to be repaired quite quickly. Whether it is broken spark plugs or a faulty radiator or something as serious as a misbehaving engine, sometimes you just have bad luck and get a dud straight off the production line. The sooner you catch this problem, the better it is for you when it comes to using the warranty to get a refund or a replacement. If you avoid your car services you could be in for a rude shock and might ruin any chance you have of recouping your money. 

Look for someone who provides car services to learn more.

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